Service Design

Service Design.
We design services for customers.
The services we design are suitable for your customers improve their service experience.
This has a big impact on your business and your brand.

Custom Services.
Needs and expectations of customers are changing following the developments in the market such as: Increased use of technology, social networking, Internet and competitors offering new services.

Services that are adapted to your business operations.
We aim to create services that are: useful, usable, desirable, efficient and effective.

Taking into account the following:

  • Looking for any service through the customer’s eyes,
  • The business strategy and its development,
  • Involvement the staff and stakeholders

We combine creativity, design, research, consulting and implementation
Customized to the needs and circumstances of our clients,
to help organizations deliver a superior customer experience,
and achieve tangible business results.

Service Design.
Services are the main driving of customer experience and customers satisfaction,
They are as well a major source of customer complaints.
Well-designed services in services organizations and organizations that
services complete the product and the brand can be a competitive advantage.
Services contribute to higher profit margins than manufacturing for Business.

Our work for the organization and its customers is design services and assistance in implementing services that are above customer expectations and which the organization’s capabilities enable to provide.

Services Development and Innovation.
Our team develops concepts and primary prototypes and checks with a select group of customers and specialists.

Development of ideas based on realistic insights reduces the gap between planning and implementation, and ensures service design proposals will be adjusted for the readiness and maturity of the organization.
The result can be: a brand new service or a certain internal changes leading to a new proposal for a new customer segment.

Organization staff Involvement and stakeholders.
Change within the organization often comes across resistance.

We work to create understanding within the organization, at an early stage with a clear explanation, which contributes positivity to employees and stakeholders to the change.

We use the tools and methods of visual storytelling, and the pilot of real cases to help people understand what new services or innovation contribute to customers. More importantly how does this affect the way things are done within the organization

ייעוץ וליווי

Consultancy escort and direct.
There is a gap between what you are trying to do for your customers and what they actually receive. It is known that there is a big difference between giving something basic comparing to something amazing.

But the question is how you and your organization arrive to the situation where everyone understands that there is a need for change, and are able to see beyond the everyday?

How to decide what business should do?

Because you need to look at the business from the outside-in and translate the customer’s expectations to clear methods and processes that the organization can act on them and provide the customer expectations.

We advise to customers what their customers expect and how they react when they are treated this way by organizations. Then we help them choose the areas where when they do improvements, they will provide the most value to customers. Based on the knowledge of customers from various sectors, the results of comparative studies, and finding solutions for customers, business and organizational challenges. The purpose of the consultation we give to move forward from a report that is written into concrete actions.

There are data in organizations on needs and wants of customers, what is missing usually is a holistic view at the customers’ experience and why customers behave in a certain way.

We help clients understand their customers’ experience by making qualitative research to a small group of customers combined overview of current trends in the world.

Chaya Laron Service Design is committed to understand the needs and desires of customers, while updated on international contemporary academic knowledge in the field. The projects of our customers get great benefit from this growing knowledge integrates research and practice.

Many organizations are gaining commercial advantage through a large marketing budget, operational efficiency and changing technology, but now they know the limits of the pursuit of technological efficiency alone.

So the old questions arise: What our customers appreciate more? What will make customers buy from us? And how we as an organization can bring to the market the right product or service?

This means to change management approach focused technology, marketing and resource optimization, to management that gets inspiration from customers and generates coherent vision around customers and business development. But the biggest challenge is translating strategy into actions, behaviors and changes in methods that revitalizing the strategy.

Management that creates connection and enthusiasm to the team, management which insights affect service offers and the service offers help to design experience, and  design experience influences on the business development in that order.

Together with the customer we build strategies based on customer experience and capabilities of the organization. As part of the development strategy we present a map of the business and the customer, giving a holistic view on how the implementation of the strategy will be and how it ties together existing and planned projects. We help identify short-term victories, helping to connect the team to change in the organization.