Terms of use

Terms of use.


Welcome to Chaya + Laron Service Design site, one of Romy Laron Ltd web sites, which includes a blog. Site and blog providing information and services related to the activities of Romy Laron Ltd in the areas of service design, marketing, research, strategy, consulting, project, management and other marketing services.


The use of the site/blog constitutes acceptance of the terms of use, set forth in these terms of use and other pages on the site/blog It is hereby clarified that Romy Laron Ltd reserves the right to change the terms of use from time to time at its discretion without giving prior notice to surfers.


All that is mentioned in these terms in masculine/feminine terms also refers to female/male and all that is stated in singular/plural, refers also to many/singular and vice versa.


The site/blog provides information about the services of Romy Laron Ltd Company as well as advice and marketing ideas for business development and prosperity. The information and content appearing on this site/blog contain the opinions and recommendations of marketing and business experts based on many years of experience, but do not come as a substitute for qualified advice and/or advice from a professional and/or recommendation for implementation.


It is hereby clarified, however, that the marketing/business information and advice provided on the Site are only general information. This marketing information is not a substitute for the advice and/or examination of qualified professionals and consultants according to the law, and a person who is interested in receiving advice, before any business transaction will act wisely if he approaches a professional.


The information contained in the site/blog is to education, development and expansion of horizons and the owners of the site/blog/Romy Laron Ltd/Chaya + Laron Service Design are not and will not be in any way responsible for any direct and/or indirect damage caused as a result of adoption.


The option of responding to surfers who can comment on the various posts in the blog and the comments on the site are in the exclusive discretion of Romy Laron Ltd. Each surfer is invited to use the site and its services, subject to agreement to the terms of use and acceptance of the site. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Romy Laron Ltd. may restrict, prevent and block the use of the site’s services by a certain surfer, at its discretion and for any reason, without having to explain it.


© All Rights Reserved. The Copyright Act and the Intellectual Property Law apply to all information contained in this site/blog.  It is permitted to read and distribute further for business development, with credit to the source.  Do not change in any way or get out of context!  No use of the information on the website/blog should be made without the explicit consent of Romy Laron Ltd. and in writing.


The surfer advertises the content on the site rather than the advertisement that he owns and is entitled to publish, and he bears full and exclusive responsibility for every link he published at the time of publication on the site.


Content that is offensive to any individual or group, such as: incitement, racism, violence, racism, adult material, and/or any illegal publication, the user agrees to indemnify Romy Laron Ltd. and/or anyone acting on its behalf Damage, loss, expense or payment if any breach of these Terms of Use or any claim is caused Or a demand that will be raised against Romy Laron Ltd. and anyone acting on its behalf by a third party as a result of the content posted by any surfer on the Site or any use made by him on the Website, which is subject to law only in the State of Israel. Which involves the terms of use of this site/blog.